Junior Development Training (Grades 9/10 -11/12)

At Takapuna Football Club (Takapuna FC), we believe in providing junior players with an exceptional platform to develop and elevate their skills, while cultivating a deep love for the game. Our Junior Development Trainings are specifically designed to help young players, regardless of their current ability level, improve their core skills, enjoy the game, and prepare for youth football under the expert guidance of our Youth Development Manager, Daniel Semp.

We have a number of professional coaches guiding the players through these sessions including the likes of Chris Bryson and Michael Howard.

Our Commitment to Inclusivity:

Takapuna FC is dedicated to ensuring that all junior players have equal access to the best coaching and development training, regardless of their team rankings. We firmly believe that by influencing and nurturing as many junior players as possible, we strengthen not only our individual players but also our club's culture. Our Monday night Junior Development Training is open to all. This also includes players from other clubs wanting to experience the Takapuna FC Junior Development Training.

Implementing Best Practices:

In line with the guidance of football governing bodies, we prioritise our Junior Development Training and invest in top-notch resources to maximise the time our professional coaches spend with our junior players. We are committed to providing our players with the most qualified and experienced coaches available, beautiful grass fields and top-quality equipment, ensuring each child has their own ball. Furthermore, our optimal coach-to-player ratios guarantee personalised attention and guidance.

Access to Superior Training:

Takapuna FC's Junior Development Trainings offer a solid foundation of well-structured and high-quality training. Our sessions are designed to challenge players in fast-paced and dynamic environments. We focus on four key areas: Technical Development, Skill Games, Tactical Development, and Game Play. This comprehensive approach ensures that players sharpen their technical abilities, gain confidence on the ball, develop the skills to outplay opponents, thrive under pressure, enhance decision-making abilities, acquire intelligent movement and awareness, and cultivate a strong work ethic towards training.

Discover the Journey:

Witness the incredible action and growth in our Junior Skill Hubs by exploring our captivating Junior Skill Hubs Gallery. See firsthand how our young players are thriving and flourishing under the guidance of our dedicated coaches and the expertise of Youth Development Manager, Daniel Semp.