Jassen Elliot U19 Coach 2022 Napier

The Napier City Rovers U19 National Tournament is one of the biggest and most prestigious U19 Youth Tournaments in NZ. It is often consider a right of passage for talented youth players and many young players from this tournament have stepped up to National and Inter National success. The tournament has seen players such as Chris Wood, Mark Paston and Ben Sigmund come through and go on and achieve success. More recent players include Ben Old, Bill Tuiloma and Alex Rufer.

The tournament provides an opportunity for players to showcase talent in front of a large audience, with many scouts attending games from both the satellite and main draws.

Whilst an often hot, challenging weekend with multiple games per day, the tournament provides not only an opportunity to bond with teammates, it also provides the club coaches with an epic opportunity to watch players cope with pressure, many varying tactics and an overall picture of your ability. Takapuna consider this a pathway tournament for developing the next breed of players who will go on and represent the club.”

Leon - Striker Napier 2022 

"Going down to Napier 2022 was one of the best footballing experiences I have ever had. It gave me a chance to not only play and compete against players at a level much higher than my own, but also gave me a chance to build friendships from all across the country, as well as gain experience that I wouldn't have been able to gain playing football just in Auckland. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before and 100% would do it again. The atmosphere and vibe of the team throughout the whole of the tournament was one that you can only find at events like this. Even if we weren't playing football, the overall atmosphere was just amazing. I know that the tournament will always be one of the key highlights in my footballing career." 

Nabeel - Defender

“Napier 2022 was an amazing experience.  Not only was the tournament very good but all the work, matches and fundraising leading up to the tournament was super enjoyable.  Because of the tournament I made new mates in both the Taka team and from other teams all over NZ. 

A memory I will 100% remember is the fact that I got the chance to play in-front of the Wellington Phoenix academy coaches.  I believe that the tournament was definitely one to remember and I would highly recommend anyone thinking about it to compete at the tournament”

Mitchell Bond U19 Coach Napier

"Our Napier 2022 trip was one that was incredibly rewarding and was a privilege to be able to coach the lads during their time down there. The development of this group of young lads through their own seasons and the whole tournament was a personal highlight of mine. Not just the performances on the pitch but also to see the team bonding and enjoying themselves off the pitch and the tournament one to remember The experience to test ourselves against some of the best clubs in New Zealand including the Wellington Phoenix was something that helped the lads a long way in there development so far and in their futures in football Can’t wait for this year's tournament and the chance at bringing home some silverware"